Current and Upcoming Features

A huge step to getting money out of politics!


Connect with Elected Officials

With, ordinary individuals will be able to post questions to their elected officials, and candidates for their jobs. Also, members will be able to upvote questions that interest them as well. All upvotes will be mapped so that officials and candidates know who are interested in each question.


Anyone Can Run for Office

Frustrated with your local elected official? You can gain the attention that you need for your candidacy and issues that are important to you with A successful candidacy will no longer needs the help of a billionaire.


Endorsements that Count!

Tell everyone in your social network, and the world, why you endorse a candidate! No need to clutter your yard with signs. There will be an endorsement map so that officials, candidates, and the whole world can see how the members feel about issues and candidates.


Moderated Video Debates

Tired of the pageantry and lies of televised debates? With moderated video debates, all candidates will have equal time and there will be instant fact checking. All candidates will have equal time, and members will be able to search for the topics than interest them.


  • Elected Official
  • Free as long as in office
  • Same features as Candidate
  • Login/Signup
  • Verified Standard User
  • Free
  • Follow Officials, Candidates, and other Users
  • Search posted questions
  • Search local elected officials
  • Upcoming local elections notification
  • Dashboard of actions from people followed
  • Share posts, positions, and questions
  • Post questions to any Politician
  • Upvote questions
  • Post comments
  • Editable profile
  • Post endorsements
  • Login/Signup
  • Candidate
  • Free
  • All the features of a Verified Standard User
  • Post answers to the questions of one selected race
  • Post answers to the questions of one selected race
  • Post updates to all of your followers.
  • Post video answers in “Video Debates”
  • Login/Signup
  • Moderator
  • Free
  • Can Create video Debates
  • Can invite Candidates and Officals on Debates
  • Can start Debate for races
  • Can add Question on Debates
  • Can Moderate answers on Debates
  • Can Mark Debates with reactions
  • Login/Signup